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What is Bbot? Bbot is a Smart Ordering Platform for bars, restaurants and hotels. How does Bbot work? Guests order and pay for food + drinks right from their table without swiping a card, signing a receipt or spending a moment in line.
Their favorite snacks + sips are delivered directly to them so they have plenty of time to keep living in the moment.
Do my customers download an app to order from Bbot? Nope! Customers order via a website, so there is no app to download and no required login. On the website, customers are prompted to enter their table id, select their drink orders and pay for them using a credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. Does it integrate with my point of sale system? All of our current customers use Smart Ordering in conjunction with POS. Bbot does take orders, accepts payments and log customer data for you for your loyalty program. In addition, Bbot’s sales data can be integrated into other POS systems that you have in place. Contact sales to learn more. Can my staff handle Smart Ordering? Yes. It might seem scary at first; but after their first week of massively increased tips your staff will love it. If you want to talk to staff that uses Bbot today, let us know and we will schedule a call. Does Bbot work outside? Smart Ordering is best in outdoor venues, beer gardens, and resorts. The larger and more crowded the area the better. Implementing Bbot Smart Ordering in outdoor spaces will instantly give you a 25% sales lift. When can I get Bbot? Right now. Contact sales. Bbot is so easy to implement, it should only take a fews days.